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HIZ has now merged with ZANE


HIZ has now merged with ZANE - Zimbabwe a National Emergency. Please visit the ZANE website at www.zane.uk.com for details of news and future fundraising events.


Dinner at the Inner Temple

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported our event at the Inner Temple. The evening was a big success. Details of our 2013  event will be posted on the ZANE website www.zane.uk.com.


Emily Barroso - After the Rains


Emily Barroso : After The Rains

Quote_OrangeBarroso's treatment of the universal themes of love, loss and redemption through the eyes of a young girl on the cusp of adulthood is compelling, and her exploration of Zimbabwe's land ownership struggles highlights an on-going source of tensionQuote_Orange.


The Zimbabwean 


Buy a book for a book-lover and support the elderly in Zimbabwe at the same time. 

Please click on this link to buy your copy (and then select the appropriate 'Add to cart' box).





Homes In Zimbabwe registered as a UK charity in 2004.

This year, we aim to feed 1600 frail, elderly in Harare, Bulawayo and other towns around Zimbabwe. Without Homes In Zimbabwe's support many would starve.

The Zimbabwean economy has collapsed. The former national currency has been replaced by US$ and the South African Rand. As a result local pensions and savings have no value. Now there is food in the shops but it is priced in US$, prohibitively expensive and out of reach for most old people. Families have been split apart and many forced to flee the country. Hundreds of elderly have been left behind; alone, destitute and without enough to eat.

Homes In Zimbabwe provides food to 28 residential homes. It runs a soup kitchen and supports SOAP (Save Our Aged People) in Harare and Bulawayo; a network of volunteers who deliver food parcels to elderly people struggling to survive in their own homes.

In addition Homes In Zimbabwe also supplies fuel for stand-by generators at a number of residential homes, a vital resource with frequent power cuts. Boreholes driven by generators are often the only source of water available. Homes in Zimbabwe also provides essential items such as bedding, clothing and toiletries to those elderly people with no other means of purchasing these basic items.

We aim to feed 1600 elderly people – with your help we will. Come to an event, get involved in fundraising, make a donation, tell your friends and family. Whatever you do your support is always appreciated and it will make a real difference to someone struggling to survive.

Registered Charity No: 1104512

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