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Some of the 1600 frail elderly people dependent on Homes In Zimbabwe for their survival.

Peter   Freda   Natalie

Table RightTable LeftPeter is almost blind.

For 60 years he worked in Zimbabwe in mining, engineering and paint manufacture. He should be living in comfort but his pension and savings are worthless.

The manager of the care home found him weeping because he can’t even afford to buy a razor. She bought one for him.Table Bottom


Table LeftTable RightFreda was born on the Greek island of Rhodes and went on to spend her childhood in Italy.

Before World War 2 she and her family were rounded up with other Jews and sent to Auschwitz.

She still has the concentration camp number tattooed on her arm.

Her post war dream of a new life in Africa has ended in extreme poverty. Table Bottom


Table LeftTable RightNatalie was born in Chegutu.

She married a farmer against the advice of his friend, who said “Natalie will make a useless farmer’s wife”.

“He was quite right, I was useless!” she says.

“Then my husband went off to World War II. First he taught me how to shoot, then told me to finish the sheep dip and build a barn – I did!”

The couple spent 70 years on their farm and during the last three were surrounded by 300 squatters who stole and killed their animals.

She is now in frail care but still a lively resident.Table Bottom

Some Thank You's Homes In Zimbabwe has received


Thank You Card   Thank You Card   Thank You Card

Table Right WhiteTable Left WhiteQuote MarkA very grateful thank you.

We will never ever forget all the kindness shown to hundreds of Bulawayo people by you.

Most of us would not even be alive today if it were not for your incredibly generous food parcelsQuote MarkTable Bottom White


Table Left WhiteTable Right WhiteQuote MarkMay I say  big thank you for helping to make it possible for Mr Gill to collect those food parcels that we so gratefully receive every month.

Sugar and mealie meal are totally unobtainable and the tinned fish, vegetables and fruit are all way beyond the  reach of us old folks.

So are the toothpaste, toilet rolls and soap. All the things we receive are nothing short of a miracle.

Thank you so much for making such a difference to the lives of so many.Quote MarkTable Bottom White


Table Left WhiteTable Right WhiteQuote MarkAt times like this with all the economic hardships and the frailty of old age, your kindness and generosity in providing us with our necessities bring joy to our twilight years.Quote MarkTable Bottom White